Advanced and fully automated

Reliability, innovation, sustainability, (cost) efficiency and safety are starting points

FT supplies advanced and fully automated systems across the globe that meet the most stringent (environmental) requirements. Rapid solutions or a special design. Reliability, innovation, sustainability and (cost) efficiency are always our starting points, as is the safety of your employees. Hundreds of satisfied clients have made FT the proud market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of cremators and incinerators.

Always your ideal partner…

Under various brand names, we have fitted many hundreds of systems across the globe. Our expertise and experience makes us your ideal partner. Not just for new construction projects, but also in existing buildings. And we are very experienced at finding solutions for historic buildings …

Environment is top priority

The environment is top priority these days. Emissions legislation is very stringent. We invest constantly in R&D to ensure the continual development of top-grade and sustainable solutions. From advanced filter systems to smart software and heat recovery. And that is not only good for the environment, but also for reducing your energy costs.

Your continuity is our concern

Your continuity is our concern. And you can count on us after installation too. Always and anywhere on earth. Our Customer Care Unit provides very rapid client support. And that saves you time and gives you confidence.