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How to share or promote something of interest to CCANSW members and the communities they serve?
About the CCANSW Business Directory
What do I need to know before sending deceased remains (body or ashes) interstate or overseas?
What features are available to help me promote my business or organization?
How can I claim a business that is listed but not assigned to me?
How do I edit my business directory listings
How can I add my business to the CCANSW Directory?
Can I bury my deceased pet in a NSW cemetery?
What are some of the stranger death customs?
What are the Seventh Day Adventist's death and funeral customs
What are the Catholic death and funeral customs
What are the Jewish death and funeral customs?
What are the Hindu death and funeral customs?
What are the Muslim death and funeral customs?
What are the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints death and funeral customs? (2)
What are the Sikh death and funeral customs?
What are the Buddhist death and funeral customs?
What are the Scientology death and funeral customs?
What are the Maori death and funeral customs?
What are the Jehova's Witnesses death and funeral customs?
What are the Yazidis death and funeral customs?
What are the Baha'i death and funeral customs?
What are the Lutheran death and funeral customs?
What are the Fijian death and funeral customs?
What are the Baby Boomers' death and funeral customs? (2)
What are the Australian aborigines' death and funeral customs?
What are the Swedish death and funeral customs?
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What's the deal with pre-need funerals?
What cemetery services are subject to the GST?
"What is a cemetery?" according to Wikipedia
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How can I add a Cemeteries Index Record?
What is the Cemeteries Index?
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Can a burial licence be transferred to another person?
I do not have the Burial Licence, but would like to place a memorial plaque on a grave, what options do I have?
What type of burial can I have?
What does it cost?
Can burial services be held at the cemetery?
How can I ensure that I am buried or cremated when I die?
How does the cost of cremation compare with burial or entombment?
How many people can be buried in a grave?
For what length of time is a burial licence for a grave purchased?
Can personal mementos be buried?
What are the requirements for a Persons Without Means Funeral (Destitute Funeral) and how is it arranged?
What is a burial licence?
What is the law applying to burial and burial sites
Where can I get more information on arranging a funeral?
How do I find out if someone has actually died and if so, how do I find out where they were buried or cremated?
How do I locate a grave or cremation memorial?
Where are records kept of cemeteries that no longer exist?
Should the body of the deceased be viewed?
Choosing a Funeral Director?
What will a funeral cost?
Will funeral directors provide cost quotations?
What type of funeral services are there?
Do I need to use a Funeral Director?
What vehicle must I use to transport a body to a cemetery or crematorium?
Can a family dig or backfill the grave?
What is the difference between a coffin and casket?
What should I consider when choosing a coffin or casket?
Can I make my own coffin?
Can I use a cardboard coffin?
Can family and friends carry the coffin?
Why should I memorialise my departed relative?
Who may place a memorial/monument on a burial or cremation memorial site?
What sorts of memorials are available?
I don’t know anything about selection of a monument. Where do I start?
Can I install my own memorial or monument?
Who is responsible for the repair of a monument?
Why are some monuments more expensive than others?
How should I go about arranging a memorial for my relative/s who died a long time ago?
Can I arrange a memorial for a person buried or cremated elsewhere, perhaps interstate or overseas?
Why do I need to pay a cemetery fee to place a monument?
Can I insure my monument?
What’s a Mausoleum?
What’s a crypt?
What is the process for interring a body in a mausoleum crypt?
Is it necessary for embalming to occur for entombment within a mausoleum crypt?
How will pathological samples retained & then returned by the Coroner be dealt with?
Can stillborn babies be cremated?
If I wanted to know more about cremation, how should I go about it?
What can happen to the cremated remains?
How can I ensure that I am cremated when I die?
Following cremation, what type of container should I purchase to store the ashes?
Is more than one coffin cremated at one time in a cremator?
What do you recommend to people about leaving items of jewellery on a body?
Is it true that pacemakers or radioactive implants must be removed before cremation?
Can personal mementos be cremated with the deceased?
What about precious metals and other metals?
What happens about handles and other fittings
Is the coffin cremated with the body?
Does the cremation take place immediately after the service?
Preparation of the cremated remains has been mentioned. What does this entail?
Do I get the correct cremation remains?
What happens to the coffin after the service?
Can relatives witness the cremation?
What happens at the crematorium on the day of the funeral?
Who has the authority to direct the method of disposal of the cremated remains?
Do I have to sign anything?
Must there be any religious ceremony with cremation
What religious ceremony can I have with cremation?
Who can be cremated?
How many people use cremation today in Australia?
What does cremation cost?
Is cremation cheaper than burial?


Lives are commemorated - deaths are recorded - families are reunited -
memories are made tangible - and love is undisguised.
This is a cemetery.

Communities accord respect, families bestow reverence, historians seek
information and our heritage is thereby enriched.

Testimonies of devotion, pride and remembrance are carved in stone to pay
warm tribute to accomplishments and to the life - not death - of a loved one.
The cemetery is homeland for family memorials that are a sustaining source
of comfort to the living.

A cemetery is a history of people - a perpetual record of yesterday and a
sanctuary of peace and quiet today. A cemetery exists because every life is
worth loving and remembering - always.

The Freauently Asked Questions and Answers about cremation listed here are specific to New South Wales, Australia, Cremation in New South Wales is subject to the Public Health Regulation (Disposal of Bodies) 2002, under the Public Health Act (NSW). Conditions, laws and regulation pertaining to cremation outside of New South Wales are likely to be different. 


Frequently asked questions, and answers, about burials, rights of burial and the laws and regulations that affect them.

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