ccalogotransparent dropshadowOver the last few weeks we've been mentioning the CCANSW Business Directory, which will provide a rich networking, market place and contact resource for CCANSW website users. The Business Directory will be the  goto place when you need contact details for members, delegates, website users, colleagues, and of course businesses that support and supply our industry.

Although there remains some fine tuning and cosmetic work to complete, the site is ready for you to preview. This article is  about the site, some of its features, future plans, and how you can help to make it an invaluable resource for those servicing the industry and those working within it.

 First off, I want to thank a couple of people;  Olivier at Simplify Your Web, who helped with some of the computer code we needed to get the result we wanted, Emma Broomfield at  Locale Consulting and John Zeppiery at Kenneth Ayres Pty Ltd for jumping on board early with their listings.

How it works...

bubble man fixit team transparentWe have made the interface to the directory as simple as we could without sacrificing features. There is plenty of scope to scale up as more listings are entered. The top of the page has a simple secondary menu from which the main search and listing functions can be selected. The secondary menu appears on all pages in the directory domain and should help you to easily navigate the site and its records.

screen directory 01

  • The Home menu will take you back to the Directory home page
  • Our Sponsors displays the CCANSW sponsors. It has a sub menu from which you can select Principal, Major, General and Supporting sponsor lists.
  • Directories is the main entry to all directory listings. It also has a sub menu from which you can select particular groups of listings, like "Consultants" and "Packaging". This menu will undoubtedly grow as we move along.
  • Get Listed is the link to getting a free listing for your business into the directory
  • Members lists the CCANSW members. The sub menu lets you select particular member types.
  • SPECIAL NOTE FOR CCANSW MEMBER DELEGATES - There is a special option for you, when logged in, to search the delegates' and registered users list. In particular, you can easily find a list of delegates from another member:
  • screen directory 02
  • Edit Profile is visible when you are logged in. You can change your profile details and password there.
  • About links to information about the Business Directory.

Navigating the Business Directory

bubble man searching stick figure 800 clr 1813Navigating the directory is straight forward.

  • SEARCHING: If you know the name of the business you are looking for, click the SEARCH button on the home page and type in part or all of the name you need. If it exists in the directory it will be displayed. Note the search function is currently limited to the business' name. It will be expanded over the next week or two to include other elements
  • BROWSING: To browse entries by group or category, drop down the appropriate menu and click on your choice. For example, Directories > Industry Associations (AU & NZ)

In all cases if entries exist they are shown in card format:

screen directory 03

Most elements on the card are links. If you click on them they will load another page. Looking at the card above:

  • "Affiliates" is how the record is categorised in the CCANSW database. If you click the link you'd get all other "Affiliates" (members) listed in the Business Directory.
  • The links in white (yes, we will change that), are the "Tags" applied to the entry. Again, if you clicked one of the TAG links, a page will load showing all other directory records that have that TAG assigned.
  • Click on the Address and you'll get a new browser window showing the address in Google Maps, assuming the address is valid.
  • Under that is the business' web address (URL). It will open a new web page at that address.
  • The little icon at the bottom right will give you a vcard to import into your address book.
  • If you see the Edit link as here:
  • screen directory 05
  • ... it means your user login is linked to the Business Directory entry and you can edit key information fields in the record your self. Similarly when you open your user profile for editing and if you are linked to a business directory record it will be there for you to edit. 
  • Details will show the whole record stored in the CCANSW Business Directory.
  • screen directory 04
  • The Detail record provides information provided by the business owner and the usual links to contact them.
  • The information we can store in each listing has few, if any, constraints. For example, have a look at Everlon Bronze's entry.

 Who's in the Business Directory?

bubble man question transparentAt the moment every CCANSW member entity  and some non members entities are listed. We've gone through the list and dressed up each record as much as we could from the information available on the CCANSW website. If you are a delegate for a CCANSW member entity, please search the Directory and have a look at your orginisation's details.

Remember, it's your organisation's public profile. It ought to be as good as it can be. If it is also there for promotional purposes don't be afraid to use it accordingly. Have a look at Everlon's or Phoenix's entries as examples.

If you need corrections, additions or deletions, please email me with the details. If you don't have my email address, contact me from here and I'll be in touch.

NB: - If you do not want your organisation or business to be listed, contact us immediately to let us know.

What's next?

bubble man presenter transparentAs mentioned,  there is still a bit of work to be done. In the meantime we'd appreciate if you have a look around the directory. To do a bit of "beta testing", if you like. Do let me know if something's not working or not clear. 

Over the next week or so  the search engine will be improved, and  "review" or "testimonial"  functions will be added. 

But mostly, if your organisation is listed in the directory, help us by checking it and bringing it up to date if necessary.

Don't be shy, spread the word...

free business listingIf you have a great product or service that might be just right for the cemeteries & crematorium industries, get listed into the Business Directory! It's FREE other than a few minutes spent entering data.

Please let others know about the CCANSW Business Directory, especially if you have customers or suppliers  targeting the cemeteries & crematoria industries. Getting a business into the directory is FREE and it is simple;  become a registered user at and log in. Then open the CCANSW Business Directory site and click the "Get Listed" menu link. Fill in the form, submit  it and we will do the rest. Of course, if you really can't cope with that then simply email us. If you don't have our email address, drop us a line from the Contact Form and I'll get back to you ASAP.

If you know of or have heard about a great service provider or supplier to the industry, again, please tell us.

Don't forget our sponsors...

emoji dont forgetThe CCANSW sponsors will be featured throughout the Business Directory's pages. I would personally encourage them to use the promotional opportunities. They should contact Mary or myself to discuss any specific ideas they have.

And please, support the CCANSW sponsors!  Much of what the CCANSW does and achieves would not be possible without them.

Marketing is everything, everything is...

In a factless Facebook dominated world, marketing is king. At least for the main stream. Here's our opportunity to give everyone working in our unique, but often overlooked, industry a great opportunity to market, as well as source, quality services and products. 

Get on board!

 Don't hold back

bubble man holler transparentWe would really like to hear your comments, good, bad or indifferent. Leave them in the Discussion Forum for all to see and respond. You need to be logged in, of course.





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