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The CCANSW Business Directory
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he Business Directory is a free access list of businesses that are relevant to the cemeteries & crematorium industries. Subject to application and approval, listing your business in the CCANSW Business Directory is free.

CCANSW members are listed automatically unless they opt out.

Your entry to the CCANSW Business Directory is subject to the CCANSW Website Policy and the CCANSW Website Privacy Policy

There are two ways to get your business into the directory-

How to get your business into the Directory:

Method 1

  • If you are not a registered user of the CCANSW website click this link, complete the form and submit it.
  • .Wait for our response and further instructions

Get listed

Method 2

We'll process your data and will check with you that the details are correct. Once confirmed,  the listing can be published. 

 If you questions or concerns, please contact me:

Pierre Duparte
System Admin


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